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Well, that was a little play on words for the title. I am so excited to be entering the fall season that I filled the front steps of my home with bright mums this week. I love the fall: changing leaves, cooler air, college football, hoodies, warm apple pie. I just get this Norman Rockwell painting in my mind, family gathered around the dinner table, turkey in the center, and all heads are bowed as if they are waiting in anticipation for the “amen” so they can pounce on their Thanksgiving feast.

I am often reminded during the changing of seasons how important they are for life. Think about it, summer all year, or an endless spring, or worse, a never ending, cold winter (no offense northern Alaska). Without seasons, the weather would be boring, plant life would be limited, if any at all, our wardrobe would never change (okay, some may not mind that). But God created seasons to allow for life. I am often reminded of rebirth when I see that first daffodil bloom after, what seems in my mind, a winter that over extended it’s stay. It’s a sign of so many things to me. It’s hope that warmer weather didn’t forget about me, and will return soon. It’s the simple appreciation that the little bulb in the ground, covered all winter long, at a perfect moment in time, emerges to show off. It’s also the sign for me to take my allergy medicine because my hay fever will start kicking in soon. And through every season you can always find God’s finger print: the blooming flowers, the falling leaves, snow on your wedding day in March, or just the rising or setting sun.

So, as I am winding down my night, I am thankful for not only our weather-seasons, but I am thankful for our personal life-seasons. The only difference between weather-seasons and life-seasons is that the seasons of our life don’t always occur at the same time, or last equally the same amount of time. They are not always marked by the same blooms, or falling leaves. I do firmly believe that God has given us all seasons that we have, or will, experience(d) in our life. A season to grow. A season to be still. A season to learn. A season to mourn. A season to praise. A season to search. A season to find. Whatever your season may be, I just pray you find God’s fingerprint. And I do believe the enjoyment of college football is part of his fingerprint.

And remember, seasons don’t last forever, yes, they may repeat, but each time I think we are better equipped at handling the bad and also more in tune to the see the good. So, may whatever season you’re going through allow you to see something different in the world and maybe even see the world a little differently.


4 thoughts on “Mums the Word….

    JD. Chaffin said:
    September 19, 2013 at 5:49 AM

    I enjoy reading your posts I especially like this one regarding “the seasons in weather and the seasons” that transitions our lives. Your words paint a very vivid picture in the minds eye and heighten the other four senses. I could see the seasons change and almost smell the “turkey” lol. However, what I really liked about your post is how you spiritually showed the connection of Our Heavenly Father. God is an awesome God even in a sinful world He has given us beauty for our ashes Isaiah 61:3. We can see that as you said in the beautiful array of fall colors as the earth transitions from summer to fall. And one day soon upon Jesus return He will transition man back to his original sinless state. God’s original Blueprint from the beginning of time has been to have a close, personal, face-to-face relationship with man. What a beautiful season that will be! A season of peace and never-ending joy with Our Heavenly Father.

    Lori Rall said:
    September 19, 2013 at 9:34 AM

    Nice commentary in Mums the Word. Good for early morning reflection. I hope this season in your life is going well. I will remember you in prayers as I watch your pregnancy bloom…I still feel connected to all of you at WAKA because I can see you each day! My flowers (Brody & Mary Eden) are in full bloom and I can promise you that you will love the seasons ahead of you!

    Jan Rials Sumerlin said:
    September 19, 2013 at 2:09 PM

    Loving you sharing your thought with us…I needed this one today because yesterday was a horrible day for our family…..please, Lord, let it only be a “season.”

    Dianne Hunter said:
    March 26, 2015 at 8:09 PM


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