You are cherished, loved, and adored

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Every Woman MUST Hear This! from untilweflyaway on GodTube.

Cherished, loved, adored: three words I want my child(ren) to hear every day. After watching this video I was left encouraged and found myself thinking, those are three words I need to remind myself of every day. You see, in a season in my life where the comparisons are growing by the day, the pressures of moomyhood are mounting, and the questions about vaccinations, cloth diapers, food-choices, private/public schools seem never-ending, it’s easy to feel as if I am not adequate to fill this new role as mother. I just have to remind myself that I was given this gift, but along with the gift comes a great responsibility. It is not an easy role and not a glamorous one, but it is a role that has the potential to leave a tremendous legacy and the power to have eternal impact. Now, that is no simple charge. So, as mommies, let’s all agree on ONE thing…At the end of this crazy life we all just want what is BEST for our child, right?. The comparisons, the questions, the judgements creep in when the way in which we provide the best differs from each other. As women, we are powerful. We are diamonds. So, let us sparkle for what is kind, pure, loving, peaceable. Let us rejoice in differences and accept that there will always be friends, family members, and peers that raise their children different from the way you do, and that is OKAY! I think that God makes differences in us so that we can continually see the beauty in his creation and remark at the cleverness of His creativity. If we all did the exact same thing, what robots we would be and how boring our lives would be. It would be like having a library with one book or a radio station playing just one song. We are different, not because our hearts and desires are different, but because our surroundings and environments are different.

In closing, I want women (an men) who are reading this to know of YOUR great worth. You were created with purpose. Sure, life gets sloppy, families can be confusing, comparing yourself to others can be so easy, but remember through the pangs of life, God is whispering in our ear “You are cherished (protected/cared for lovingly), loved (an intense feeling of deep affection) and adored (loved and respected deeply).”

Please remember how incredibly unique you are. As the video says…”You are worthy of love and affection. You are always enough. You are precious…You are the most stunning of all God’s creations…You’re worth more than number on the scale, the percentage on your math test, or the number of twitter followers you have…You are worth dying for. Regardless who you think you are, you deserve someone who would give up their life for you. Esther, Ruth, Mary, Martha (women of the bible) changed the world forever. Your responsibility is to find that woman (in you) and set that woman free…ANY voices that try tell you differently are from The Enemy…I (you) am (are) cherished, loved, adored…Please, don’t you forget it!”


2 thoughts on “You are cherished, loved, and adored

    Leslie Cluck said:
    October 12, 2013 at 3:35 AM

    You are blessed and highly favored!

    Jan Rials Sumerlin said:
    October 13, 2013 at 1:27 AM

    Well said…I wish more moms would see their primary role as a gift from God.

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