An Open Letter to Auburn and Chick-fil-a…Why my chicken biscuit helped us lose the Outback Bowl

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Dear Auburn (the university, the family, the fans) and Chick-fil-a,

This letter is let the Auburn family know WHY we lost the Outback Bowl and to let Chick-fil-a know they can help Auburn will next year!

With deep humility I share this letter. Many are analyzing post-bowl plays, penning improvements for next year, rearranging staff, and reassigning players. Before you go any further down the road of defeat, I have a confession. Although your loss may be blamed on a couple of missed kicks, letting 3rd down conversions sneak past the the defense, or some missed steps on offense, the real reason for the loss is ME (and Chick-fil-a).

You see, before EVERY Auburn game, it is a (superstitious) tradition to eat a game-day Chicken Biscuit with american cheese. This isn’t just ANY chicken biscuit either, it has to be a ‘Chick-fil-a’ Chicken biscuit. The last time I didn’t get a biscuit was when Auburn lost to LSU in death Valley on a rainy September night 2013. We were watching the game from a friend’s home in NOLA when it dawned on me somewhere in the 4th quarter….I…hadn’t…had…my….biscuit…..Then, the time ticked down, and the final score of 35-21 was in the favor of the other tigers. At that moment, I realized that when our friends wanted to take us to some local, New Orleans eatery for breakfast, to which we were quite pleased, they were using their voo doo to distract me from the winning super powers of my chicken biscuit.

Now, one may argue that eating the biscuit doesn’t ensure a victory, as a Chick-fil-a chicken biscuit was had for all games lost this year, but what my theory proves is that we are guaranteed a loss without the consumption of said biscuit. So, why, you ask, did I not have a Chick-fil-a, chicken biscuit, with american cheese, on January 1st, 2015?….The answer…Chick-fil-a does not open until 10:30 on January 1st! They do not flour the first biscuit, they do not pressure cook the first breakfast filet. Breakfast on January 1st, for Chick-fil-a is non-existent. I was burdened all day by this and needed to confess.

To the Auburn nation, I am sorry to let you down. And to Chick-fil-a, I am hopeful that our beloved tigers will indeed be in the playoffs next year, please consider serving breakfast on January 1st. Limited menu? that’s fine! Open a little later? Quite alright. Just know that there is magic in your chicken. An unexplained magic.

Here’s to a better 2015 Auburn Nation! (And hopefully a few more chicken biscuits)



2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Auburn and Chick-fil-a…Why my chicken biscuit helped us lose the Outback Bowl

    Kathy Moates said:
    January 3, 2015 at 8:19 PM

    Don’t beat yourself up over this, Ashley. I didn’t put on my Auburn jersey first thing Thursday morning. This is what I do EVERY Saturday during football season to ensure a win for our Tigers. I had on a Christmas sweatshirt for a couple of hours before realizing I had done the unpardonable. Even though I changed quickly, I , too, must accept part of the blame. Our Tigers fought bravely and made us proud. I know there are others out there like us, Ashley, who got caught up in the holiday festivities and didn’t stick to our routines. WAR EAGLE from the hills of TN.

    Marvina said:
    April 28, 2015 at 2:36 AM

    To insure a Chick-Fil-A biscuit for the Auburn Win and it is a day that they are closed, just pick up an extra one the day before for the microwave. Same biscuit, same magic and problem solved!

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