Mom Inspired from D.C.

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Live from Washington D.C. I am excited to be sharing this time with such inspiring and loving moms. Plus, spending some sweet time with our little family.

Here’s a snapshot into the last couple of days:

1. Reagan has been having a blast preparing for her future in politics:

Reagan meets Rep Martha Roby
Reagan meets Rep Martha Roby
Just hanging out with Rep. Martha Roby.
Just hanging out with Rep. Martha Roby.
Reagan is going over new policy with Rep Martha Roby
Reagan is going over new policy with Rep Martha Roby

2. I have met some incredible, inspiring women this week. I am amazed by the diversity, the varied perspectives, the different backgrounds, all the while, sharing the same heart. Being a mother is the hardest, yet most rewarding job on the planet. This week we have shared memories, tears, joys, and laughs. I have met women from as far as Hawaii and Alaska to DC Metro and Arizona and Puerto Rico.

2015 Mother of the Year (Charlene Rabren) & 2015 Young Mother of the Year
2015 Mother of the Year (Charlene Rabren) & 2015 Young Mother of the Year
Moms do have fun!
Mother’s representing their home states…In this picture we have Young Moms of the Year from Florida, Oklahoma, DC Metro, Maryland, North Dakota, Kentucky, Alaska
Speaking to the group on the topic "Through a Child's Eyes, the World is as it Should be"
Speaking to the group on the topic “Through a Child’s Eyes, the World is as it Should be”

3. American Mother’s Inc. is a magnificent organization that I am becoming more familiar with this week. Not only is American Mother’s Inc trying to improve the lives of mom’s in U.S., but the lives of children as well. The organization is aligning itself with the fight against human trafficking. Although this will likely turn into a longer post, I just want to bring awareness to this nasty crime that is happening in our own backyards. This is no longer a global problem, it’s domestic. We heard from former a CIA agent who now works closely with local governments to set up stings to arrest trafficking perpetrators. This is a silent crime with 27,000,000-30,000,000 slaves in the world today. More slaves exist at this moment that EVER in the history of time.

We have heard from Ricky Martin’s publicist, who was representing The Ricky Martin Foundation that is focusing on bringing awareness to this issue and also supports efforts for rehabilitation for victims of human trafficking and sex slavery.

We have heard from a Rwandan mother, captured during the genocide because she was a Tutsi (those being killed) and she was married to a Hutu (those doing the killing). She fled to a church, leaving her family behind so that they could survive. Her presence in her home would have cost her entire family. The good news, she was reunited later with her family. She now speaks to the importance of freedom. Especially freedom from slavery through Rwanda Mother’s Team. She helps woman create business plans so that women can support their families, as so many men were killed during the genocide. She is working to educate women, so they can experience freedom and help their children.

In closing, I’m amazed that I get to be here and share in this experience with such awe inspiring women. As the 2015 Young Mother of the Year for Alabama I think about all the mommies back home. You are the backbone of our communities, you are the rocks in your family, the strength in tough times. I am here to represent every mother in Alabama right now, every mom wiping a tear, mending a broken heart, kissing a boo boo. To be a parent is the most valuable job in the world. Continue to embrace your role, even when the days are tough. It’s okay to cry when your body is tired. It’s okay to play in the rain, to leave a pile a laundry because you were making memories. I applaud all that you are, all that you do and the legacy you are leaving.

Have a blessed day!


One thought on “Mom Inspired from D.C.

    Leslie Cluck said:
    April 25, 2015 at 4:08 PM

    Congratulations again Ashley! It has been wonderful watching you grow these past few years. You have blossomed from the lovely bride-to-be to the glowing Mom-to-be to a loving Mom. Following along with you as you welcomed Reagan into the world was such a pleasure; watching you both grow in grace and wisdom has been a blessing. You are a great choice for Young Mother of the Year!

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