It can’t be…

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It can’t be…that this month I had one baby turn 2 and one baby turn 6 months. The time doesn’t stand still.

A letter to both my littles:

You are my little ray of sunshine. You have made me love deeper, laugh more, and stop to  smell the roses. You continue to impress me with all your words. We are working on pronouncing F sounds. Words ending in K sound German. You really emphasize the K, it’s kind of hilarious. I don’t correct it. You are the biggest helper with your little brother. You LOVE him so much. I’m afraid you may think there is a little competition too. You have reverted to drinking out of “bubby’s cup” (aka: baby bottle). You climb in “bubby’s bed” (aka his crib). You always want to be around your brother: playing with him, stealing his paci, bonking him on the head, then immediately giving him kisses. You read him books or at least show him the pictures. You are teaching him colors. You have a kind heart and a fierce spirit. When mommy stubbed her toe, you ran over and gave me kisses and said “aww bedder” (translation: ‘all better’). I have to remember those sweet moments when you throw yourself on the floor and pitch fits. You can be a little dramatic, at times, but I never want you to lose your self expression. In a world filled with people trying to fit the mold, I pray you break it!  You don’t really sit still. I long for a day you can sit and watch a full episode of Daniel the Tiger. You can make it about 12 minutes. That’s the longest you’ve ever really been seated and still. You had a little Mardi Gras themed birthday party with your sweet neighborhood friends. You also celebrated your great grandfather’s 83rd birth at the Bright Star in Birmingham. Gymnastics is your new favorite activity, or as you say “Nym-nas-tics.”

I pray your spirit is not stymied and that your heart stays full of life and vigor. There is no denying you have personality. I always want you to be a good example to your friends. Be sweet, loving, kind, and caring. Continue using your manners. Think of others before yourself. Be creative, be playful, be the kind of person that world needs more of. I love you, my brave little girl!

Dear D.C.,

You have made your mommy and daddy so proud. I have to confess, I probably baby you a bit more than I swore I ever would. You’re held a lot and loved so much. You have some yummy cuddles and the softest little ears that I love to play with (is that weird?!). You have these big blue eyes and I always wonder “What are those eyes seeing?” You are a champ for letting your sister jump on you, climb on you, kiss you, hold your hand, and snuggle you. She can be a little rough, even though I know she isn’t trying to be that way. You have started kicking your legs a lot more. You’re finally warming up to the idea of tummy time. It’s still not your favorite. You would rather be held. You are sleeping like a big boy. It’s not perfect, you still like to party for a few minutes at least once a night. It’s not long though. You are long a lean. You measure 27″ long but you only about 16 pounds. You are a happy baby, for the most part. The occasional cry to let me know you’re hungry or tired, but otherwise you are my mild-mannered, chill, relaxed child. You roll with the punches and go with the flow. You did have your first taste of table food this month. I let you try some homemade applesauce. It went over pretty well as a matter of fact, but you won’t probably start eating real food for a couple more months. You are kind of particular how you like to spend your time outside of someone’s arms. You are NOT a fan of the baby swing (took that back to the store). You don’t like laying on your back. You move all over your crib to get comfortable. You spin 180 degrees and toss from side to side. You don’t care to be swaddled and you prefer the calming effects of a pacifier. You smile constantly. I really can’t get over how happy you are. You like to jump in your exersaucer and play with your toys that make all sorts of racket. Needless to say, our house is not for those seeking rest. It can be a little on the noisy side. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As you mature, I pray your spirit is molded to be compassionate. I pray you develop into a little boy that will sit with the un-cool kid at lunch and invite the misfits over to play. I pray you have a tender heart that desires to be the good this world needs. You may not be my overly outgoing or extroverted kid, and that is okay. Use your quiet voice to stand up for what is good, right and noble. You will be a leader too. You are my gentle lion! I love you!



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